Kobe net worth

Kobe net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Kobe

Kobe net worth

Kobe Bean Bryant, also known as simply Kobe and “Black Mamba”, is a professional basketball player from the United States. For his entire career Kobe has played for the National Basketball Association’s team, Los Angeles Lakers. Since the mid 1990s, when Bryant was first drafted to play on the national league, along with Lakers he has won 5 NBA championships. During this period he has received tens of accolades. Among his greatest achievements and career highlights are two NBA finals most valuable player, fifteen All-Star, eleven All-NBA First Team, nine NBA All-Defensive First Team and four NBA All-Star Game most valued player awards. He is also often named as the greatest scorer Los Angeles Lakers ever had. As for 2013, Kobe net worth is estimated at $200 million and his annual salary amounts to more than $25 million.
Kobe was born in Philadelphia, the first child to Joe and Pamela Cox Bryant. His father, also known as Jellybean Bryant, is also a former professional basketball player, currently coaching Chang Thailand Slammers. Although through the late 1970s and the 1980s Joe was a valued player, who played with such teams as Philadelphia 76ers, San Diego Clippers and Houston Rockets, his fortune never came close to Kobe net worth.

When his son was six, “Jellybean” moved his family to Italy, were he continued to play professional basketball. Although the first year in the new country was quite hard for the kid, soon he got accustomed to the environment, learned to talk Italian, Spanish and found some new friends.
The skills, that eventually boosted Kobe net worth to hundreds of millions and made his name known to the basketball fans all over the world, were developed since the boy was three years old. Not only he played basketball himself, little Bryant used to spend hours studying Lakers’ games recorded by his grandfather. When the boy moved to Italy, he also started playing soccer. In one of his interviews Kobe has mentioned, that had he stayed in Italy, he would have pursued a professional career in football. However, after a few years in Europe the Bryant family moved back to the United States, where Kobe excelled at basketball in Lower Merion High School team.
Bryant established his name as one of the most perspective basketball players in his senior year. Before graduation from high school he has received a number of prestigious awards, including USA Today All-USA First Team Player and Gatorade Men’s National basketball Player. Kobe net worth shot to the stars in 1996, when the teenager was drafted by Charlotte Hornets. It was agreed long before that Bryant would be traded to the Lakers. He started playing with the team the same year and set the record as the youngest man to compete on NBA.

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kobe net worth kobe net worth kobe net worth

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