Kris Humphries net worth

Kris Humphries net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries net worth

Kris Humphries net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 8 million dollars. He is known as a basketball player, who is a part of the New Jersey Nets team, which plays in the NBA. Born in Minnesota, Kris Humphries’ father was also involved into playing basketball and it is believed that it was because of his father, who was a football player for the University of Minnesota, that Kris Humphries also chose to be involved into sports. Apparently, this decision seems to be quite right when taking a look at the overall amount of Kris Humphries net worth.

Kris Humphries began to be involved into sports when he was still a child. However, the first sports branch in which he was involved was swimming. He was named one of the nation’s most prominent young swimmers. He occupied the second position in the swimmers of the nation, the first position being occupied by the popular swimmer Michael Phelps.

However, when he was 12 years old, he decided to switch to basketball instead of swimming. Therefore, it should have been interesting to see if he had continued his career as a swimmer and if his net worth was so high in a case of his professional career as a swimmer.

When Kris Humphries was studying in high school, he excelled in basketball already. In 2002, he led his high school team to the record of 25-2. Also, Kris Humphries was the one who led his team in the Minnesota State Championships which had not been achieved in 49 years.

When he graduated from high school, Kris Humphries was accepted to the Duke University where he studied under football scholarship. However, he soon transferred to the University of Minnesota. There, he also showed his impressive abilities in basketball, which increased Kris Humphries net worth, as well. He set a lot of records for his university’s team and got many awards and titles.

In 2004, he was drafted as the 14th overall pick by the team of Utah Jazz. However, he stayed for only two seasons in the team. In 2006, he was traded to the Raptors team together with his team colleague Robert Whaley. The Utah Jazz team was given in exchange the Raptors team member, Rafael Ara’ujo. While being a part of the team, Kris Humphries led the team to win its first ever division title. Thus, baseball also added a lot of financial success to Kris Humphries net worth.

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