Kris Kristofferson net worth

Kris Kristofferson net worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

About Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson net worth

It has been officially said that the overall amount of Kris Kristofferson net worth today is as much as 160 million dollars. Kris Kristofferson’s name is well known in show business, where he is a singer, song writer and actor. In fact, Kris Kristofferson has written almost all of his songs, thus song writing is regarded as one of the main sources of Kris Kristofferson net worth. Kris Kristofferson is mostly known as a country music singer, but he is also known for his career as a film actor, which is another important source of Kris Kristofferson net worth.

The entertainer was born in 1936 in Texas. His father was involved into army and because of his occupation the family moved quite a lot. Eventually, Kris Kristofferson graduated from high school in Northern California. After that, Kris Kristofferson was studying at Pomona College. Later, he even received a scholarship to study at Oxford University in England. There, he was studying English Literature. It was also this time when he decided to write music as his hobby, which eventually turned into one of his main sources of popularity and financial situation.

However, after graduation, instead of turning to music, he decided to enroll into army.

He started his music career soon after he came back from the army and settled in Nashville. When he moved there, Kris Kristofferson began working in Columbia Studios. Eventually, he got an opportunity to get signed to Monument Records. It is also known that many modern singers have recorded songs of his, which turned into successful covers. One example of such is his song called “Me and Bobby McGee”, which was covered by Janis Joplin, who at some point was even dating Kris Kristofferson. This song eventually became one of the biggest hits of Janis Joplin music career.

In 1970, the first album of Kris Kristofferson was released, which was called “Kristofferson”. The album landed in the 10th position in the list of country music charts. The sales of this album also added up to the total amount of Kris Kristofferson net worth. In the period of 1970-2010, 17 studio albums of the singer have been released, all of which made him even more popular and financially successful. In addition to these albums, Kris Kristofferson has also released many popular singles. In 1971, Kris Kristofferson was awarded with his first Grammy award. In addition to his career as a singer, he is also known as an actor, with his first acting appearance in “The Last Movie”.

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