Lady Bunny net worth

Lady Bunny net worth

Net Worth: $400 Thousand

About Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny net worth

Lady Bunny is a popular person in the entertainment industry. She is a nightclub DJ, drag queen, promoter and performer. All of these involvements have played a major role when it comes to increasing the current amount of Lady Bunny net worth, which has been estimated to reach 400 thousand dollars. Lady Bunny has started the annual Wigstock event, as well.
Lady Bunny is a singer and has released a couple of popular disco songs, such as “The Pussycat Song” and “Shame, Shame, Shame!”. Lady Bunny is an actress and has appeared in a few films, such as “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar”, “Party Girl”, “Starrbooty”, “Wigstock: The Movie” and “Peoria Babylon”. Thus, these involvements have made her well known and also increased the current estimate of Lady Bunny net worth by a mile.
Born in 1962, Lady Bunny started her career in show business on Atlanta gay scene together with one of the most popular drag queens in the United States – RuPaul, and Larry Tee. With them, Lady Bunny has appeared in some low-budget movies. In 1984, Lady Bunny moved to New York City.

One year later, she established the Wigstock event. This was an annual festival of drag queens, which lasted for 20 years. Lady Bunny has appeared on many occasions at XL Nightclub, usually joined by Bianca Del Rio.
In 2010, Lady Bunny was appearing in the online drag queen series on, called “Queens of Drag: NYC”. In these series, Lady Bunny was joined by many other drag queens, such as Bianca Del Rio, Sherry Vine, Dallas DuBois, Peppermint, Hedda Lettuce and Mimi Imfurst. Thus, these appearances have made her more recognized and increased the current size of Lady Bunny net worth.
Talking about her music, Lady Bunny has recorded many popular songs, where on the top of them she recorded her own voice, in this way parodying the original lyrics. She is usually lip-synching. In 2013, Lady Bunny released a song with Wayne Numan on Lybra Records, called “Take Me Up High”. In 2013, the single landed in the 17th place on the Billboard Club/Dance chart, which became her first charting single, as well. In 2014, Lady Bunny released another remixed song, on which she worked with Groove Addix and Sean Grasty, called “Lately”. However, the song became quite notorious because in it, Lady Bunny sings the following lyrics, which are extremely explicit: “Pussy this good/Don’t wait around for no man-Pussy this good/Don’t wait for no nobody”.
In addition to her music career, which has also added up to the current sum of Lady Bunny net worth, she has been appearing on TV, as well. In 2005, Lady Bunny was a roaster of Pamela Anderson on Comedy Central. Also, she has released a DVD called “Rated X for X-tra Retarded”. In the period of 2010-2012, she was appearing as a judge on the Logo TV production called “RuPaul’s Drag U”. In 2003, Lady Bunny appeared as a guest in one episode of the TV series called “Sex and the City”.

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