Lana Del Rey net worth

Lana Del Rey net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey net worth

Lana Del Rey is one of the biggest music sensations in the entertainment industry today. It has been estimated that the overall amount of Lana Del Rey net worth reaches 500 thousand dollars and it is expected to grow even bigger in the upcoming years. She has accumulated her net worth through her successful career as a singer. In addition, she is also a talented song writer, which also adds a lot of revenues to the total amount of Lana Del Rey net worth.

Lana Del Rey was born in New York and her real name is known to be Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. After graduating from high school, she was studying at Fordham University, where her subject was metaphysics. She soon got interested into music, which today brings a lot of financial success to Lana Del Rey net worth. Initially, she used to sing in various coffee shops and also underground stages. She also learnt how to play guitar, which she got from her uncle.

When she was 20 years old, she signed her first record deal. However, under that label she never released any of her albums. Seeing that, Lana Del Rey decided to shift to community outreach work.

In 2008, she got signed with another record label. Under this label, Lana Del Rey released her EP.

Moreover, in 2010, she released her debut album. However, the album was removed from purchasing it online when Lana Del Rey bought the rights to her debut album. It happened because of her appearance in Youtube, after which Lana Del Rey started to get more profitable record label offers.

In 2012, her album called “Born to Die” was released. The sales of it proved to be successful nationally and internationally and they brought a lot of success to the total amount of Lana Del Rey net worth, as well. The album has also reached the top of various charts in many different countries. Although her debut album seems to be getting a lot of popularity and positive critics, Lana Del Rey’s live performances are not so much well received by music critics.

Talking more about her debut album “Born to Die”, 5 million copies of the album were sold on an international scale. In 2012, the album was recognized as the 5th best selling album of the year. The album also included a lot of singles, such as “Born to Die”, “Summertime Sadness”, “Blue Jeans” and “National Anthem”.

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