Lance Bass net worth

Lance Bass net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Lance Bass

Lance Bass net worth

It has been reported that the current estimate of Lance Bass net worth reaches a sum of 22 million dollars. Lance Bass is known as an American singer, actor, dancer and author. He is mostly known from an American boy band called “N’Sync”. The band was also one of the main sources of Lance Bass net worth, which added first huge sums of money to his net worth. Also, it was because of his membership in this band, which led Lance Bass to appear in various film and television productions.

In 2001, Lance Bass appeared in a movie called “On the Line”, which was produced by his company titled Bacon and Eggs. Later, Lance Bass also founded another production company called Lance Bass Production. In addition to these companies, he was the founder of a music production company called Free Lance Entertainment. This label was joined with another label called Mercury Records.
Lance Bass was born in Laurel, Mississippi to his mother, who worked as a mathematics teacher in a middle school, and his father, who was a medical technologist. Later, Lance Bass stated that he was raised on Christian morals and

When he was growing up, he got everything he needed, therefore, his childhood was very happy.

When he was growing up, Lance Bass was very interested into space and his father took him to Cape Canaveral in Florida, where Lance Bass got an opportunity to see his first space shuttle being launched. From this time, Lance Bass knew that space was going to be a huge part of his future career. Therefore, Lance Bass was enrolled into a space camp in Florida. His aim was also to enroll into college, where he was planning to study engineering. Also, one of his dreams was that one day he would work in NASA.

When his family moved from Florida back to Mississippi, Lance Bass got involved into music industry, which later became one of the main sources of Lance Bass net worth. One of his first music groups which he joined was the Mississippi Show Stoppers. In addition, later he became part of a seven men group titled “Seven Card Stud”. The band mainly performed in fairs.
In 1995, Lance Bass auditioned for becoming a member of “N’Sync”, when he was encouraged by Justin Timberlake and his mother to join this band. It also became one of the most vital sources of Lance Bass net worth.

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