Larry Bird net worth

Larry Bird net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Larry Bird

Larry Bird net worth

Larry Bird is a former National Basketball League Player from the United States. Larry was drafted by Boston Celtics and competed with this team for thirteen memorable seasons. In 1992 he had to withdraw from professional sports due to his chronic back problems, but remained a prominent figure on NBA as a coach and a team president. He is the only man on NBA history to hold the titles in three different spheres- as the Most Valuable Player of the year, Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year. Larry Bird net worth is currently estimated at $12 million dollars.

Bird was born in West Baden Springs and raised in French Lick, a small nearby town. The fact that he started daily training as a kid goes a long way to explain his excellence in basketball and current Larry Bird net worth. While attending Springs Valley High School in his home town Bird was the most valuable player on the team and in 1974 he set the schools record which holds to this day. His basketball achievements earned Bird a scholarship at the University of Indiana, were he was coached by Bob Knight, one of the best basketball strategists that has ever lived.

Although Bird was learning a lot playing for Knight, he felt trapped in a small university campus and could not stay there longer than one year. He subsequently enrolled at Indiana State university, where he continued to play basketball.
In his senior years Bird led his college team to the NCCA championship, where Indiana State Sycamores met with Michigan State Spartans, led by Ervin Johnson. For those who have not heard, Ervin, also known as “Magic” Johnson, is another former NBA player and a successful businessman, who built his empire via Magic Johnson Enterprises. Ervin’s fortune currently exceeds Larry Bird net worth by hundreds of millions- he owns assets worth $500000. After this rivalry at NCCA championship the two future NBA legends became friends. They maintain a close relationship to this day.

Larry Bird net worth shot to the stars in late 70s, when he started playing for Boston Celtics, one of the strongest teams on the National Basketball League. His first contract was worth $650 thousand. Although today some of the most valued basketball players earn tens of millions, for the NBA debutant in 1978 it was an enormous sum. Larry proved he is worth every single dollar that was paid for him right away. He scored an average of 21.3 point per game and was eventually awarded as NBA Rookie of the Year. Along with his good friend Ervin Johnson, who entered NBA in the same year, Larry was instrumental in revitalizing NBA after a few years of stagnation.

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