Larry David net worth

Larry David net worth

Net Worth: $800 Million

About Larry David

Larry David net worth

Larry David, born Lawrence Gene David, is a famous American comedian, actor and producer. His most famous work is Seinfeld, a situation comedy which he has produced for seven years starting 1989. He is also known from mostly improvised TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm which were aired on HBO. Curb Your Enthusiasm was somewhat similar to Seinfeld, because in these series Larry has played the role of semi-fictional himself, as Jerry did in the latter show.

In the poll that was organized in order to find out who is considered to be the greatest comedian by the British, Larry got to the respectable position No. 23. His work was also awarded with two Primetime Emmys. Currently Larry David net worth is estimated to be over $800 million.

Larry was born in Brooklyn in a family of Morty and Rose David. Both of his parents were Jewish and raised their son in this tradition. After high school Larry went to study history in University of Maryland. When his studies where over and David got his bachelor’s degree he went on to join the army for several years. After the army Larry started to pursue career as a comedian.

At that time Larry David net worth was nowhere close to his current fortunes, thus he had to take various side jobs to pay the bills.

During that time Larry has tried everything from driving a limo to being a TV repairman. In 1980 Larry got a job as a writer in NBC’s show Fridays. In 1984 he went on to work on other show, Saturday Night Live which was aired on NBC. Larry did not actually enjoy writing for this show, he felt like his talent is going to waste, thus he quit. He had to come back to the same job a few days later when he realized that he’s not going to find anything better any time soon.

Despite his discontent with a job, this early stage of Larry’s career turned out to be valuable at least for one reason: it led him to the future Seinfeld casting crew. During this period he worked with Julia Luis-Dreyfus (she later enacted Elaine at the show) and Michael Richards (or Kramer). Seinfeld was first started to shoot in 1989. In cooperation with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry wrote 62 episodes of Seinfeld.

His input in making this show one of the most successful TV shows of all time is unquestionable and Larry was paid respectively. In 1998 he earned around $250 for one season. It is estimated that during the whole period while Larry was writing for Seinfeld he received $1.7 billion. It leaves no further questions where Larry David net worth comes from.

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Larry David net worth Larry David net worth

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