Larry Ellison net worth

Larry Ellison net worth

Net Worth: $41 Billion

About Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison net worth

Larry Ellison, real name Lawrence Joseph Ellison, is a business magnate from the United States. He is best known as one of the founders and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, international computer technology company based in California. Oracle specializes in creating and marketing enterprise software products and computer hardware systems. Only two computer software corporations, IBM and Microsoft, bring more annual revenue than Oracle, and according to Associate Press, no CEO in the world receives a paycheck as high as Larry’s salary. As for 2013, Larry Ellison net worth is estimated at $41 billion, making him the 5th riches businessman in the world. His annual salary amounts to $96 million.
Larry was born in the New York City, after his mother had a short romance with an Italian-American United States Air Force Pilot. When the baby contracted pneumonia, a serious inflammatory lung condition affecting alveoli, his mother turned away from him. Since then the boy has been raised by his aunt and uncle, the only “parents” he could remember. By the time he met his biological mother again, Larry Ellison net worth already equaled an annual budget of a small state.

Although he tried to forgive her, the two never got close. Larry was raised in a small apartment in Jewish neighborhood. Although his family members were regular attendants of synagogue, Larry remained distant from Judaism. In one of his interviews Ellison has revealed that he sees this religion as a set of interesting, yet unbelievable stories.
After graduation from high school Larry enrolled at University of Illinois. The future millionaire dropped after the second year, as he did not show up at the final exams due to his aunt’s death. He later encountered computer design at the University of Chicago, but did not manage to finish his studies. Judging from the current Larry Ellison net worth, this failed attempt did not hamper his professional career. In the mid-1970s he landed a job in Ampex Corporation, where he created a database for the Central Intelligence Agency. While working on this project Larry came up with some of the ideas that later were instrumental in the success of Oracle.
What about his personal life? Larry was married four times and has two grownup kids. His first marriage with Aida Quinn lasted for seven years, but did not result in any children. His second wife was Nancy Wheeler Jankins. The couple decided to part ways less than a year after the ceremony. By that time Larry Ellison net worth was still pretty miserable and his former wife agreed to give up any claims to his company for $500 dollars. Larry’s third wife, Barbara Boothe, gave birth to his two and only children: Megan and David. Ellison’s relationship with his fourth wife, Melanie Craft, broke off in 2010.

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larry ellison net worth larry ellison net worth larry ellison net worth

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