Larry Holmes net worth

Larry Holmes net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes net worth

Larry Holmes is a boxer. Although today he is retired from this sport, boxing made him a well known name in show business. It has been stated that the overall size of Larry Holmes net worth today reaches 18 million dollars. In the ring, he was also known by his nickname The Easton Assassin, which was given to him because of his hometown in Easton, Pennsylvania.

In 1978, Larry Holmes got one of his most important titles which was the WBC Heavyweight Champion, and he held this title till 1983. In 1980, he got another important title which was The Ring Heavyweight Champion, and he held this title till 1985. In 1983, Larry Holmes was named as the IBF Heavyweight Champion and was a holder of this title till 1985. Thus, with so many titles it is obvious that Larry Holmes net worth increased a lot, as well. He defended his titles successfully twenty times.

Larry Holmes had a lot of victories against many well known boxers, such as Ken Norton, Mike Weaver, Marvis Frazier, Earnie Shavers and Muhammad Ali. However, in 1985 Larry Holmes lost to Michael Spinks, which was a huge disappointment to Larry Holmes because in a case of winning against him, he would have set his record of 49-0.

After his loss, Larry Holmes decided to retire from his career as a famous boxer. Nevertheless, his career as a boxer added most of revenues to Larry Holmes net worth.

However, when he officially retired, he tried to come back for a few times but all these times were unsuccessful. His last fight happened in 2002. Thus, he still ended his boxing career with having a record of 96-6. Thus, it is no surprise that so many winnings and only a few losses made him a huge star which resulted into an increase in Larry Holmes net worth.

Larry Holmes is also regarded by a lot of people as one of the most successful heavyweight fighters of all time. His name was inducted into two halls of fames, those being The World Boxing Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Thus, these two inductions also crowned his career as a boxer.

Giving some background information about the boxer, Larry Holmes was born in a quite huge family – he was the fourth kid in a family of twelve kids. Also, when he was growing up, the family was quite poor and they all lived on welfare.

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