Larry King net worth

Larry King net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Larry King

Larry King net worth

Larry King, born Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger, is a popular American television personality, radio and television host. Larry started his career in the 1950s, hosting various radio shows and gained nationwide recognition as all-night radio broadcaster in the late 1970s. Since 1985 Larry has hosted a popular CNN’s program Larry King Live. The show has run for 25 years, until the last episode was aired in 2010. Two years later he started hosting web-series Larry King Now, another interview show featuring celebrities, newsmakers and world’s leaders. According to the latest news, nearly eighty years old, King is going to host a new show on RT channel. Larry King net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.
Larry was born in Brooklyn, in family of Jennie and Edward Jonaton Zeiger. His father, an Austrian immigrant, owned a restaurant and worked in a defense plant. Jennie, his mother, was originally Belarusian garment worker. Larry’s father died when he and his brother were still kids. Needless to say, back in the day Larry King net worth was equal to zero and his family had to rely on welfare payments in order to survive.

The death of his beloved father pushed King into a deep depression and the boy lost interest in studying. He managed to finish high school, but had neither enough enthusiasm nor enough money to continue his studies at college. Instead, Larry started working, hoping to ease the burdens that fell on his mother’s shoulders.
The professional career that eventually boosted Larry King net worth to tens of millions started almost by accident. In mid 1950s Larry befriended a CBS announcer, who advised him to go to Miami, were a growing radio market still offered a chance for inexperienced announcers like him. King’s first job on the radio had little to do with informing or entertaining the audience. He had to clean the studio and perform the other annoying tasks. Only when one of the announcers who worked for WAHR decided to quit his job, Larry was put on the air as the disk jockey. For this job he was paid a little over $50 dollars per week.
Larry King net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in 1978, when he went national. That year Larry started hosting a late-night program on Mutual Broadcasting System. His shows would consist of 90 minutes long interviews and the segment called “Open Phone America”, during which King used to discuss his own views with his listeners. Although his national radio program eventually gathered a wide and stable fanbase, what actually boosted Larry King net worth was his work on television. His personal show, entitled Larry King Live was first aired in 1985 and continued to 2010. According to CNN, during this period King has taken some 60 thousand interviews.

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larry king net worth larry king net worth

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