Lars Ulrich net worth

Lars Ulrich net worth

Net Worth: $175 Million

About Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich net worth

Lars Ulrich is a legendary Danish musician, best known as the founding member of heavy metal group Metallica. The band was formed in California, in the early 1980s, when Lars came to the United States to play tennis. Soon instead of training with the racket Lars has picked up the drumsticks. He met his future band-mate and co-founder of Metallica following the advertisement, which was published in The Recycler. Metallica gained prominence with such singles as The Four Horseman”, “For Whom the bell Tolls” and “Fade to Black” and reigned on the American heavy metal scene ever since. As for 2013, Lars Ulrich net worth is estimated at $175 million, making him one of the wealthiest drummers in music industry.
Lars was born in Denmark, in 1963. His grandfather was a famous jazz tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon. For those who have heard little about this man, Dexter was one of the first musicians to adapt the bepop musical language to the instrument. Although his professional career spanned over more than four decades, Gordon’s fortune never came close to Lars Ulrich net worth. How did this Danish boy become fascinated with heavy metal? When he was a nine-year-old kid, his father took Ulrich to the Deep Purple concert that took place in the Copenhagen.

The boy was impressed by the band’s sound and performance and rushed to buy their album Fireball the following day. When his grandmother learned about his interest in music, Lars got the greatest present he has ever received: a drum kit. Back in the day nobody could have expected that one day this instrument will boost Lars Ulrich net worth to tens of millions.
Ulrich began his professional career in the early 1980s, when he befriended James Hetfield. He “borrowed” the name “Metallica” from Ron Quintana, his friend, who was trying to come up with a title for his heavy metal fanzine. In 1983 the band released its debut album, entitled Kill ‘Em All. It featured such hits as “The Four Horseman”, “Jump in the Fire”, “Pulling Teeth” and “Whiplash”. Despite the general success of the two leading singles, the album enjoyed a modest commercial success and only managed to sell some 300 thousand copies upon its first release. Back in the day, its contribution to Lars Ulrich net worth growth was insignificant. However, since 1983 it was republished three times and eventually sold over three million copies in the United States alone. In the end Kill ‘Em All garnered Metallica a 3xPlatinum certification from the Recording Industries Association of America and added a solid sum to Lars Ulrich net worth. Following this breakthrough, Metallica became one of the most significant bands on the world heavy metal scene.

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lars ulrich net worth lars ulrich net worth

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