Lea Black net worth

Lea Black net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Lea Black

Lea Black net worth

Lea Black is known as a businesswoman as well as reality TV show star, who currently has a net worth of 65 million dollars. In addition to these two careers, she is also known as a philanthropist. Currently, Lea Black is appearing on a TV reality show called “The Real Housewives of Miami”, which is one of the most important and vital sources of Lea Black net worth, as of right now.

Talking about her as a businesswoman, Lea Black is a developer of her own beauty and health products line. In addition, she is also an owner of a couple of gyms, which is also an important part of Lea Black net worth.

Lea Black was also featured in a TV documentary called “The Fundraiser”, which is based on her philanthropic efforts and activities. In fact, philanthropy is one of her biggest interests in life. In 1992, Lea Black founded her own organization called The Blacks Annual Gala, with the help from her husband, Roy Black. The organization is aimed at helping at-risk young people and provides different resources to them: educational, creative and vocational.

Lea Black grew up in Texas in a family, where she was the oldest of four sisters. Lea Black was also a college student but only for a short period of time, because she left it in order to focus on her career as a businesswoman and as a manager of Fitness World. It seems like it was the right thing to do at that time, since today business is one of the most important sources of Lea Black net worth. Talking about her as an owner of Fitness World, today there are 40 locations of it and she is working as a manager of this company.

In the middle of 1980 Lea Black launched her first beauty line which was called “Lea Cosmetics International, Inc.” Using infomercials, a line was sold, which included more than 400 various products. Because she noticed that the major part of the products was sold in Latin America and Europe, Lea Black decided to move from Texas to Miami.

In 2010, a new beauty line was created in collaboration with Andre Walker, who is a stylist of Oprah Winfrey. This line also added up to the total amount of Lea Black net worth. This company is known for producing the following lines of cosmetics and hair care products – Sudden Youth Skin Products and Andre Walker Hair Products.

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lea black net worth lea black net worth lea black net worth

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