Lee Byung-Hun net worth

Lee Byung-Hun net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Lee Byung-Hun

Lee Byung-Hun net worth

Lee Byung-Hun is one of the most popular actors from South Korea. Acting has been the main source of increasing the total size of Lee Byung-Hun net worth, as well, which reaches 20 million dollars, as of right now. His net worth makes him one of the richest Korean actors, too.

Lee Byung-Hun has appeared in many productions, which made him popular not only in Korea, but elsewhere in the world, too, such as “Joint Security Area”, “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, “A Bittersweet Life”, “Iris”, “Masquerade” and “I Saw the Devil”.
He has appeared in numerous American productions, one of them being “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”, released in 2009, where he played the role of Storm Shadow. Four years later, Lee Byung-Hun appeared in the sequel to it, called “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”. In 2013, he joined Bruce Willis in the film called “RED 2”. In 2015, he got one of his most recent roles, that being as a T-1000 in the film called “Terminator Genisys”. Therefore, all of these appearances increased the total sum of Lee Byung-Hun net worth, in addition to making his name recognized in Hollywood.
Lee Byung-Hun has appeared in four films, which were included in the list of the highest-grossing films in South Korea, which include “Masquerade”, “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, “Joint Security Area” and “Inside Men”. Lee Byung-Hun became the first actor of Korean origin to present an Oscar Award at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California. He also became one of the first Korean actors to have his hand and foot prints on the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Another actor who has done this is Ahn Sung-ki.
In 1991, he debuted as a TV actor in the production called “Asphalt My Hometown”. Until 2000, he appeared as a guest on various other TV shows. In 2000, he got his breakthrough in the film called “Joint Security Area”. The film became a major success and the highest grossing Korean film at the time. Thus, his appearance in it not only made him recognized in Korea, but also increased the overall estimate of Lee Byung-Hun net worth. For his role of a border-guard soldier in the film, Lee Byung-Hun was awarded the Best Actor Award at the Busan Film Critics Awards.
In 2001, his star started to rise even more when he appeared in the movie called “Beautiful Days”. Then, he appeared in the poker drama called “All In” and for his role in it, the actor was awarded the Best Actor Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards. Starting in 2005, Lee Byung-Hun focused on his career as an actor in films. He was praised a lot for his work in “A Bittersweet Life”. His role proved to be a huge success again as he was nominated for Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and received the Chunsa Film Art Award, the Korean Association of Film Critics Award and the Baeksang Arts Award.

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