Lena Dunham net worth

Lena Dunham net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham net worth

Lena Dunham is a well known person in cinema. She is known as an actress and also a filmmaker and these two involvements of hers are regarded as the main sources of accumulating Lena Dunham net worth. Currently, it has been estimated to reach 10 million dollars. As a filmmaker, Lena Dunham is known for creating a movie called “Tiny Furniture”, which was released in 2010. In addition, Lena Dunham has created a TV show called “Girls”, which is broadcasted on the HBO network. Therefore, her involvement as a filmmaker is really increasing the total estimate of Lena Dunham net worth.

For her involvement into cinema industry, Lena Dunham has been nominated to get 8 Emmy Awards. In addition, for her creating the TV show “Girls”, Lena Dunham has won two Golden Globes. In 2013, according to Times, Lena Dunham was recognized as one of the most influential people on the globe.

Lena Dunham was born in 1986 in New York City. Both of her parents are known to be quite artistic. Her mother is a painter and a photographer and her father is also known as a painter, whose interest is painting sexual pop art.

In addition, her mother belongs to the Pictures group. Lena Dunham’s mother is also known for a distinct feature of her photographs, she usually uses dummies and dolls in them. Lena Dunham has a sister named Grace who is studying at Brown University and she is also seeking for a career as an actress. In fact, she has appeared in a couple of movies made by Lena Dunham, such as “Tiny Furniture” and “Creative Nonfiction”.

Lena Dunham and her sister were growing up in Brooklyn, but many of their summer holidays were spent in Connecticut. In 2008, Lena Dunham became a graduate of Oberlin College, where she was a student of creative writing.

Her first written movie called “Tiny Furniture” was shown during Maryland Film Festival. In fact, Lena Dunham is also the leading role of this movie, she played the role of Aura. Therefore, acting is also a major source of Lena Dunham net worth. Moreover, talking more about this film, her real life mother is playing a part of the leading character’s mother and, as has been mentioned already, her sister is playing a part of the leading role’s sister. In 2012, Lena Dunham also became a writer of TV series, when her production of “Girls” began to be aired on the HBO network and it also began to increase Lena Dunham net worth.

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