Les Gold net worth

Les Gold net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Les Gold

Les Gold net worth

Les Gold is known as one of the most famous people in the world. It has been known that the official estimate of Les Gold net worth reaches 1.5 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his career as a pawnbroker and being the patriarch of American Jewelry and Loan, which has added millions of dollars to the total amount of Les Gold net worth.

He started to accumulate his net worth in 1978, when he opened his first jewelry store in Detroit, which was called American Jewelry. In 2011, another shop of American Jewelry was opened in another location, Pontiac. Also, his family is also known to be involved in jewelry. In the 1940s, his family opened the first Sam’s Loan store on Michigan Avenue and Wabash.

Also, the one who influenced him to take over the jewelry store was his father. His jewelry store is set in a location of 50 thousand square foot and he has 45 employees. Therefore, American Jewelry and Loan store is known not only as a simple store, but as a whole family business, which adds a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Les Gold net worth.

All of his kids are also working in the shop and he hopes that someday they will be the ones, who will take over the family business empire.

The general manager of the shop currently is known to be Les Gold’s son named Seth. He is in charge of handling all the marketing of the shop. The assistant manager of the shop is his daughter Ashley.

In 2009, TruTV started broadcasting the show about the store, which was called “Hardcore Pawn”, where Les Gold was appearing, too. It is a documentary about the shop as well as the relationships between the Gold family members. The show is produced by the RDF USA. However, it is also known that the biggest part of the show is focused on the relationships between the staff and customers, conflicts and absurdity, which happens between them. Therefore, the show adds some extra revenues to Les Gold net worth, as well.

However, the show is also accused of being a simple and mere capitalization of another show called “Pawn Stars”, which is also about a jewelry store. Also, several scenes, which are portrayed on the “Hardcore Pawn” have been said to be a mere montage. However, Les Gold has stated that all show portrays the reality how it is.

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