Levar Burton net worth

Levar Burton net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Levar Burton

Levar Burton net worth

Levar Burton is a popular name in show business. It has been claimed that the overall size of Levar Burton net worth reaches 6 million dollars. He is known as an actor, presenter, as well as working behind the scenes of cinema industry, with directing and producing various TV and movie productions. These involvements are known as the main sources of Levar Burton net worth, as well.
Levar Burton is mostly known from a couple of roles he has starred as in TV and movies. One of such is his appearance on the TV miniseries called “Roots”, where he appeared as Kunta Kinte. In addition, he is also known from the production of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. As a producer, he is known to work on the children’s program called “Reading Rainbow”. Thus, due to these involvements, Levar Burton net worth has increased a lot, too.

Levar Burton was born in 1957 in the Germany. When he was born, his family was living in Germany due to his father’s occupation – he was a photographer for the US Army Signal Corps. Thus, also because his father could not be with the family as often as he wanted to, Levar Burton was raised by his mother in California.

Also, when he was 13 years old, Levar Burton was accepted to the St. Pius X seminary, because at that time he dreamt of becoming a priest. However, when he started reading books, mainly written by Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, Levar Burton started doubting if he still wanted to stay involved into religion. Thus, when he was 17 years old, Levar Burton changed his interests and left the seminary. As a result, he got accepted to the University of California, where he got a scholarship to study drama.

In 1977, Levar Burton debuted as an actor when he was casted for a role of Kunta Kinte, in the previously mentioned TV miniseries, “Roots”. The miniseries were based on a book written by Alex Haley. In fact, when he auditioned to get this role, it was the first time he ever attended any audition. Because he proved to be a huge success in this show, Levar Burton was even nominated to get an Emmy award in the category of the Best Actor in Drama Series. Therefore, the show also added first huge sums of money to the total estimate of Levar Burton net worth.

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