Lil B net worth

Lil B net worth

Net Worth: $650 Thousand

About Lil B

Lil B net worth

Lil B, real name Brandon McCartney, is an American hip hop artist. Brandon rose to prominence together with the hip-hop band The Pack (you probably know their single “Vans”). He recently recorded some solo albums too. This rapper is noted for intensive use of Twitter and My Space social networks to build and extensive online following groups. Lil B net worth is currently estimated at $650 thousand.

Brandon joined The Pack when he was still a teenager. For more than a year the group recorded their rhythms at one of their members, Young L’s house studio. That’s where their first mixtapes Wolfpack Music Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were produced. These mixtapes were not financially profitable and did not add much to Lil B net worth, but it sure helped the band to expand their fan base. In 2006 The Pack recorded their signature hit “Vans” and uploaded it to MySpace website. The song caught the attention of veteran rapper Too $hort and earned the boys a contract with Up All Night Records.

The song entered all hip hop charts and was ranked as 5th best song of the year 2006 by the Rolling Stone magazine.

The single was played on a hundred radio stations nationwide, gave The Pack a real national exposure and made a solid contribution to the current Lil B net worth. Funny fact: despite its general popularity MTV Jams and MTV channels refused to play the video of the song, because in their opinion it advertised the Vans label. Eventually MTV decided to air the video, but censored the word “Vans” throughout the record.

The band released its first studio album in 2008. Although the album featured some popular singles, like “In My Car”, the sales from this album was sloppy and cost The Pack their contract with Jive Records. The band soon recovered after this misfortune, signed a contract with a Loa Angeles based company and started recording again. However it looks like after this stalemate Lil B decided not to pin all his hopes on the success of the band and started his solo career. Since 2010 this rapper was super-productive and uploaded over 1500 songs to his MySpace webpage, some of which became very popular on the internet.

The records were distributed via iTunes and Datpiff and eventually boosted Lil B net worth to the impressive heights. Aside from this success Lil B’s music has nearly put him into trouble. The rapper received a death threatening after the release of his 5th album I’m Gay. According to Lil B, he chose this title not because he’s homosexual himself, but simply because he wanted to show his support for the rights of gay people.

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lil b net worth lil b net worth

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