Lil’ Romeo net worth

Lil’ Romeo net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Lil’ Romeo

Lil’ Romeo net worth

Lil’ Romeo, real name Percy Romeo Miller, is a rapper, basketball player, actor, model and entrepreneur. He gained nationwide recognition in 2001, when his debut album Lil’ Romeo was released. It was followed by three more studio albums, Game Time, Romeoland and Intelligent Hoodlum. He also appeared in numerous movies, including Max Keeble’s Big Move, Static Shock, Ned’s Classified School Survival Guide, The Defenders And Jump the Broom. In 2010 he launched a popular clothing line “College Boys”, which was promoted by such teenage heroes as Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. Lil’ Romeo net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.

Miller was born in New Orleans, in a family of famous rappers and musicians. His father, known by the stage name Master P, reached the peak of his music career in 1998, when he released his most successful album MP Da Last Don. It debuted at the top spot on Billboard Top 200, sold 400 thousand copies during the week after its release and was eventually certified 4xPlatinum by RIAA. Percy Romeo Miller Sr. is also a recognized producer, actor and investor.

His fortune currently exceeds Lil’ Romeo net worth by hundreds of millions- according to some trustworthy sources Master P owns assets forth $300 million. His is also the sun of the former female rapper Sonia C.

His two uncles, Silkk the Shocker C-Murder, are also recoding rap artists. Silkk rose to the fame in the late 90s, when he released a single “Make Them Say Uhh”. C-Murder, his brother, released his debut album Life or Death in 1998. It sold over 1 million records in the United States and briefly boosted C’s fortunes to the heights comparable to Lil’ Romeo net worth. However, his further career and personal life did not go so well. It is both ironic and terrifying that in 2002 this man, who chose his stage name to be C-Murder, was pleaded guilty for killing his 16 year old fan, Steve Thomas. He is currently serving his time in prison. Romeo’s teenage sister, Cymphonique Miller, also chose a career in entertainment business. In 2011 Miller was nominated as “The Best Female Hi-Hop Artist”, the following year she started starring on television series How to Rock.

One could say that born in such family, Romeo was doomed to become famous. His debut album Lil’ Romeo was released in 2001. It featured a charts topping single “My Baby” and was positioned No. 6 on Billboard 200. The album sold over 500 copies during the week after its release and was eventually certified Platinum by Recording Industries Association of America, for selling 1.4 million copies in the United States alone. His second album, Game Time, was even greater commercial success. It sold 2.4 million copies, adding a solid sum to Lil’ Romeo net worth.

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