Linda Evangelista net worth

Linda Evangelista net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of Linda Evangelista net worth reaches as high as 18 million dollars. She has made her name famous because of her career as a model and as such today she is one of the most popular and highest paid ones. By many people she is regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential models of all time in the modeling industry. She has appeared in more than 700 magazine covers throughout her modeling career. Linda Evangelista is also known as a muse of photographer Steven Meisel. She is also the one who uttered the famous phrase: “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day”.
Linda Evangelista has appeared in many Vogue Italia magazine covers. All of these covers of hers were taken by the mentioned photographer, Steven Meisel. Some people define her as the ‘chameleon’ in the fashion world. In the 1980s as well as 1990s, Linda Evangelista was one of the most popular models in the industry and during that time a huge part of Linda Evangelista net worth was accumulated.
It is also known that she is unique in this sphere as she did not expand her career besides modeling as a lot of models do.

In 1998 she stopped her career as a model. However, it has played a huge part of her life and also increased a lot to the overall estimate of Linda Evangelista net worth. Three years after that, Linda Evangelista came back to modeling world. However, this time she appeared as a model only on some occasions. In 2008, Linda Evangelista was titled as the “greatest supermodel of all time” by viewers of the show called “Fashion File”.
The model was born in 1965 in Canada. Her parents are from Italy but they immigrated to Canada before the birth of Linda Evangelista. Linda Evangelista was raised in a working class family. She was living near Niagara Falls during her youth. Her mother was working as a bookkeeper, whereas her father was an employee at General Motors. When she was 12 years old, Linda Evangelista enrolled into self-improvement school, where she studied etiquette and poise. Her teachers there encouraged her to start her career as a model, which she did and became very successful. Modeling also became the main source of her fame as well as of Linda Evangelista net worth.

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linda evangelista net worth linda evangelista net worth

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