Linda Hogan net worth

Linda Hogan net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan net worth

It has been reported that the overall sum of Linda Hogan net worth currently reaches 20 million dollars. Being of Native American origin, as such, she is regarded as the most successful author. In addition to this occupation, Linda Hogan is also known as a poet, storyteller, novelist, academic, environmentalist and many more. All these occupations have added up to the overall size of Linda Hogan net worth a lot. In addition, she is also known as a successful writer of short stories. Her current position is known to be the Chickasaw Nation’s Writer in Residence. This is also regarded as the main source of the current Linda Hogan net worth.

The writer was born in Denver in 1947 and as already implied she is a Chickasaw. Linda Hogan, while growing up, was strongly related to both communities – the one in Denver and also the one of Native Americans, more particularly – Chickasaws. Also, when growing up, she moved from one city to another due to military conditions. She started her career as a teacher at the University of Minnesota, where she was a lecturer of American Indian Studies.

She wrote her first book at around the same time, which was called “Calling Myself Home”. When the book was published, Linda Hogan continued her career as a writer of poetry. Although her poetry works are lyrical, they are also focused on political and historical issues. In 1993, she published another book called “The Book of Medicines”. In 2008, one more book of hers was released, called “Rounding the Human Corners”. The sales of them also increased the total estimate of Linda Hogan net worth.

In addition to publishing her books, Linda Hogan is known as an essay writer as well as a novel publisher. A bigger part of her writings is concentrated on Native American people, and she is showing a perspective from both the Natives and others.

Talking more about her career as a lecturer, she has also worked at the University of Colorado, where she taught Creative Writing. In addition to that, she has also worked at University’s Ethnic Studies Department.

Most of her recent work as a writer has been focused on various environmental problems. Also, she has incorporated feminist topics into her writings focused on Native Americans. Moreover, in her works, an indigenous understanding of the world is portrayed and this is another well known feature of her writings.

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