Linda Mcmahon net worth

Linda Mcmahon net worth

Net Worth: $500 Million

About Linda Mcmahon

Linda Mcmahon net worth

Linda McMahon is one of the most well known figures in the United States society. It has been claimed that the current Linda McMahon net worth is as high as 500 million dollars, which also makes her one of the richest females in the country. Linda McMahon is mostly known as a perennial candidate for the Republican Party. In addition, she is also known as a professional wrestling mogul. These two involvements have added a lot of popularity to her.

She is probably mostly credited for being the one, who developed WWE and made it popular in the country, together with her husband Vince McMahon. This involvement has added a lot to the overall amount of Linda McMahon net worth, as well. When these two got involved into the business, WWE started to grow increasingly, from being a mere New York based organization to a multinational business.

Also, it was only because of the WWE success that Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon became so well known to the public of America. Today, their family’s name is synonymous with the industry of WWE, thus, for everything what they have today, the family has to be grateful for this industry mainly.

When she was appointed the president and the CEO of the company, Linda McMahon increased the popularity of it a lot. She negotiated million dollars worth business deals. Also, she started merchandise production related to wrestling and wrote several publications for WWE. Thus, this involvement has added a lot of revenues to the total sum of Linda McMahon net worth. Civic programs of the organization were also started by Linda McMahon herself. These programs were called Smackdown Your Vote and Get REAL.

In 2009, Linda McMahon left WWE in order to get into politics. In 2010, however, she lost to Richard Blumenthal in the general elections. In 2012, Linda McMahon also candidate to be accepted to the Republican Party, however, she lost again. The seat was taken by Chris Murphy. Therefore, it is obvious that her political involvement has not been so successful as was her involvement into WWE, which added a lot of revenues to Linda McMahon net worth.

Linda McMahon was born in New Bern, North Carolina. She was an only child and she was interested into sports while growing up, she used to play baseball and basketball. Linda McMahon was raised in a traditional family of conservative views. Her parents were working in Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, which was a military base.

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