Lindsay Lohan net worth

Lindsay Lohan net worth

Net Worth: $10 thousand

About Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan net worth

Lindsay Lohan is an actress, recording artist, model and fashion designer also known by many for various scandals and wild parties. Lindsay used to earn millions, however because of her life style at the moment Lindsay Lohan net worth is estimated to be within $10 thousand.

Lohan’s career started particularly early. When she was 3 years old Lindsey, or should we rather say her parents, has already signed an agreement with a fashion world giant Ford Models. The companies she has worked for as a kid also include Calvin Klein and Abercrombie Kids, Jell-O and Wendy’s. Lindsay first appeared on the blue screens in 1996, with a soap opera Another World as Ali Fowler. When she was at the age 11, Lindsay made her real cinema debut with a Disney’s movie The Parent Trip. Both Disney’s company and the audience were impressed with Lindsey’s performance. That was just a beginning of the success story, which led to the fast growth of Lindsay Lohan net worth.

After The Parent Trip Lindsay appeared on another Disney’s remake- Freaky Friday. Movie became a hit at the box office and was positively evaluated by critics.

This led to the invitation for her to act in another motion picture Mean Girls, which reached the audience in 2004. The movie became another success and earned Lindsay numerous accolades, including Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards. That is when Lindsey, then at the age of 16, became a popular target of paparazzi and yellow print.

Seems like her professional success and Lindsay Lohan net worth earned at such a young age led to troubles in her personal life. Her excessive love for late-night revels, problems with alcohol and drugs soon became publicly known. In 2007 Lindsey went to the rehab trying to get rid of her killing habits. However, it wasn’t long after she got out of the rehab before she faced legal charges for driving a car under the influence of drugs. Lindsey was sentenced to spend ninety days in jail and another three months in a rehab. At first personal troubles did not seem to hamper her career. In 2004 Lindsey’s first music album called Speak appeared in the market and made it to the top 5 of Billboard 200. Lindsay remained a fashion diva for the young girls. She has worked as a model for numerous companies, including Miu Miu, Jill Stuart and Fornarina, created her own brand of tanning spray and leggings.

However, personal and legal troubles have eaten up a good bulk of Lindsay Lohan net worth. There goes a gossip that in the autumn 2011 Lindsay was nearly bankrupt and it was financial problems that forced her to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Lindsey earned $1 million for those pictures but the money soon slipped out of her hands. In 2012 Lindsay’s bank accounts were seized by IRC because of her federal tax avoidance. As for this day Lindsey Lohan net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 thousand- probably less then she used to spend on one day.

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Lindsay Lohan net worth Lindsay Lohan net worth

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