Lisa Leslie net worth

Lisa Leslie net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of Lisa Leslie net worth reaches as high as 5 million dollars.

In addition to her net worth, it is also known that her annual salary reaches as much as 91 thousand dollars and this sum has also added up to the overall estimate of Lisa Leslie net worth. Lisa Leslie has earned her net worth because of her successful involvement into basketball although today she is retired from this career. However, it made her name very famous in sports and today she is recognized as one of the most successful female basketball players. In addition to her career in basketball, Lisa Leslie is also a model on some occasions.
She was born in Gardena, California in 1972. Lisa Leslie became famous when she became the first WNBA player who won the regular season MVP, the playoff MVP and the All-Star Game MVP in one season. Thus, in the beginning of her professional career, she already made her name famous and recognized. In 2002 she was titled as the WNBA all-time leading scorer. In the same year, Lisa Leslie was titled as the Most Valuable Player of the WNBA Championship.
In addition to her work nationally, Lisa Leslie has also appeared in some international games with the U.S. Olympic team. As a member of it, she won a gold medal in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Thus, playing in this team has also added up a lot to the overall size of Lisa Leslie net worth.
When she was growing up, she was already taller than most of her friends and she usually got annoyed when she was asked if she played basketball. When she was studying in middle school, she tried playing basketball for the first time and soon got interested in this game. She attended Morningside High School in Los Angeles and belonged to its basketball team, with which she appeared in two state championships. When she attended the University of Southern California, she continued her career in basketball and even set some records. In her final year there, Lisa Leslie was titled as the 1994 National Player of the Year.
In 1996, for the first time she was invited to the US Olympic team, with which she won a gold medal. In 1996 as well, she started her career as a model which also added up some revenues to the overall sum of Lisa Leslie net worth.

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lisa leslie net worth lisa leslie net worth

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