Lisa Rinna net worth

Lisa Rinna net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna net worth

Lisa Rinna is a well known name on TV. As it implies, she is known as an actress as well as a host. These two careers have also led to her having one of the millionaire sums in the show business. It has been claimed that the overall amount of Lisa Rinna net worth today reaches a sum of 8 million dollars. As an actress, she is probably mostly remembered from the show called “Days of Our Lives”, where she appeared as Billie Reed. In addition to her appearance on this show, Lisa Rinna is also known from another one, which is called “Melrose Place” and where she was appearing as Taylor McBride. Talking about her as a host of a show, Lisa Rinna is mostly known from the show called “Soap Talk”. Thus, all of these mentioned appearances also have played a huge role in accumulating Lisa Rinna net worth.

When she was 22 years old, Lisa Rinna appeared in her first production which was called “Naughty Naughty”, which was a music video by John Parr. There, she played a part of a passenger in a car driven by John Parr. In 1990, she had a role in a show called “The Hogan Family”.

Two years later, she got a role on the mentioned already show, “Days of Our Lives”, and because of her appearance there Lisa Rinna was recognized by a lot of critics as well as her performance was received well by the audience. In 1995, however, she stopped appearing on the show. Nevertheless, she came back to the cast in 2002 and stayed on the show till 2003. Thus, “Days of Our Lives” added a lot of financial success to her and as a consequence also increased the total sum of Lisa Rinna net worth. In 1996, she started to appear in a show which also added popularity to her, called “Melrose Place”, and in this show she stayed for two years, till 1998.

Lisa Rinna’s husband is also known to be an actor, Harry Hamlin. With him, she has also appeared in a couple productions, such as “Sex, Lies and Obsession” and “Veronica Mars”. Another movie, for which she is also well known, is “Another Woman’s Husband”, which skyrocketed her success on TV. Thus, all these appearances helped her to establish her name as one of the most well known in Hollywood, which has increased the total amount of Lisa Rinna net worth, as well.

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