Lisa Robertson net worth

Lisa Robertson net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Lisa Robertson net worth reaches a high sum of 5 million dollars. In addition to her high net worth, it is also known that her annual earnings are as much as 1 million dollars. Thus, her annual salary is a huge source of Lisa Robertson net worth. Lisa Robertson has become famous because of her many appearances on TV. This career also added up a lot to her net worth.
Lisa Robertson was born in 1965 in Tennessee. Lisa Robertson was studying at college, from which she earned her degree in Long-Term Health Care Administration. When she graduated, Lisa Robertson appeared in many beauty pageants, winning most of them. Eventually, she was crowned as Miss Tennessee. When she got that title, Lisa Robertson also became a spokesperson for the Tennessee drug-free program. For her work on this program Lisa Robertson got the Outstanding Service Award. In 1990 Lisa Robertson got the title of the US Pearl Princess. In the same year, she got the job as a spokesperson for the Cultured Pearl Association of America and Japan. Thus, these involvements popularized her name, as well.

In 1991, Lisa Robertson started to appear on TV where she worked as a host of shopping programs at first. In 1995 she started to work for QVC. She became one of the most popular hosts of the network and thus she was named as the face of it too. Her work on the network has also added up to the overall size of Lisa Roberson net worth.
Lisa Robertson is also known for her participation in a lot of major events in show business, such as Super Saturday, Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week. Lisa Robertson is also known from her own show called “The Lisa Robertson Show”. In addition to her appearing on this show, Lisa Robertson is known from some others, such as “PM Style” and “Friday Night Beauty”. Thus all of these mentioned shows have also added up to the overall estimate of Lisa Robertson net worth.
However, her life has not been as perfect as it might seem all of the times. Her fame has also attracted many stalkers. Some of them have gone even so far that they became so relentless that Lisa Robertson had to seek for legal protection. Thus, with her huge fame, a lot of negativity came as well.

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