Ll Cool J net worth

Ll Cool J net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Ll Cool J

Ll Cool J net worth

LL Cool J, real name James Todd Smith, is a singer, actor and entrepreneur from the United States. He is best known for unforgettable hip-hop hits like “ I’m Bad”, “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”, “The Boomin’ System” and “Mamma Said Knock You out”. He has also released a number of popular romantic ballads, including “Around the Way Girl”, “Hey Lover” and “I Need Love”. During his career LL has released 13 original albums and 14th is already on the way to the stores. LL Cool J net worth is currently estimated at $80 million.

Cool was born in New York in 1968. Since 1995 he is married to Simone I. Johnson. The couple is raising four children: a boy Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith and three daughters Italia Anita Maria Smith, Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith, and the youngster Nina Simone Smith. With LL Cool net worth reaching over $80 million, the family does not have to think about finances. The rapper is politically active and supported the candidacy of Republican George Pataki in New York Governor Elections in 2002. However, during the New York State Senator elections the next year he voiced his support for the Democrat Malcolm Smith and has recently expressed his admiration for President Obama.

LL Cool describes himself as having no party identification, an Independent voter. He also participated in a demonstration supporting representatives of the Recording Industries Association of America, before the hearing of peer-to-peer (P2P) project in the Senate. He justified his position by saying that people should not be able to download music illegally.

Cool released his first studio album Radio in 1985. The single became an instant success and eventually sold 1.5 million copies. LL was praised by critics for powerful rap lyrics and rhythm as well as innovative style. His third album Walking With the Panther reached the stores in 1989 and featured four popular singles. It sold 1.1 million copies and added a solid sum to LL Cool J net worth. His third studio album Mama Said Knock You Out was more successful than any of his earlier releases. It was produced by Marley Mart, one of the most talented producers at the time, in response to those who have complained that LL Cool style has recently became too sweet and romantic. 2.7 million records were sold, leading to significant increase in LL Cool J net worth.

Through the 90s Cool released four more albums: 14 Shoots to the Dome, Mr. Smith, All World: Greatest Hits and Phenomenon. His latest album entitle Exit 13 was released in 2008. It was originally planned that 50 Cent, another rapper from Queens, will produce the album from A to Z, but due to his full schedule this plan had to be cancelled. This does not mean that 50 Cent did not cooperate in the production.

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