Lucas Cruikshank net worth

Lucas Cruikshank net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank net worth

Lucas Cruikshank was born in 1993 and today is one of the most favorite teenage idols. It has been reported that the overall estimate of Lucas Cruikshank net worth today reaches 5 million dollars. Lucas Cruikshank has accumulated his high net worth through his career as a comedian and actor. Living in Nebraska, Lucas Cruikshank created a character of Fred Figglehorn, series of which were uploaded on his Youtube channel. The character is popular due to being very young – 6 years old – and having many anger management issues as well as living in a quite dysfunctional American family. These series soon became a hit and gained a lot of popularity to his creator, Lucas Cruikshank.

Growing up in Nebraska, Lucas Cruikshank was a student at Lakeview High School. Lucas Cruikshank was born in a quite huge family – he has two brothers and five sisters and he is a middle child out of the eight kids. One of the most interesting facts about him is that Lucas Cruikshank is gay and does not hide this fact. In one interview, he openly admitted it, although agreed that it was quite strange saying it in front of the camera.

Also, he has said that all his friends and family members have known this fact for three years and he just did not feel the need to post it on the Internet.

Talking about him as a Youtube sensation, he created an account on it with his two cousins and created Fred Figglehorn in a Halloween video. In 2008, a channel for this character exclusively was created. In 2009, this channel became the most subscribed one and had more than 1 million followers. In 2010, a movie based on this character was released on the Nickelodeon channel and it was titled “Fred: The Movie”. This film added a lot of financial success to Lucas Cruikshank net worth, too.

In 2011, another production related to the character of Fred was created, which was called “Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred”. This production was also aired on the Nickelodeon channel and it added a lot of revenues to Lucas Cruikshank net worth, as well. In 2012, a third movie was created and also series surrounding this character, which each lasted for 11 minutes and the season consisted of 20 episodes. Thus, Nickelodeon became a broadcasted of Fred Figglehorn series and movies and it also increased Lucas Cruikshank net worth.

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lucas cruikshank net worth lucas cruikshank net worth lucas cruikshank net worth

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