Lucy Liu net worth

Lucy Liu net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu net worth

Lucy Liu is one of the most popular actresses, who appear in productions in both film and television. It has been estimated that Lucy Liu net worth reaches an amount of 15 million dollars. In addition to being an actress, Lucy Liu is also involved into other activities, such as modeling, producing and directing films. These careers also add up to the overall amount of Lucy Liu net worth.

In 1998, she started to gain recognition when she was casted for a role of Ling Woo in the TV show called “Ally McBeal”. She appeared on the show till its cancelation in 2002. Also, because of her role in this TV show, Lucy Liu got several nominations, such as Screen Actors Guild Award and Primetime Emmy Award.
Lucy Liu is also remembered from the film called “Charlie’s Angels”, which became known internationally. Other films, in which she has appeared, include “Kill Bill”, “Payback, Chicago” and “Kung Fu Panda”, where she voiced a character. Thus, her involvement into film industry also has added revenues to the overall amount of Lucy Liu net worth, as well.

In 2012, Lucy Liu was casted as Jessica Tang in the TV show called “Southland”.

Moreover, because of her successful appearance in this show, Lucy Liu became a winner of Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Drama Guest Actress. In 2008, Lucy Liu appeared in her own TV show called “Cashmere Mafia”. However, the show did not prove to be a success and it ended after one shortened season. However, the show was unique in a way that it was one of not so many TV shows, which had Asian American star as their leading actress.

Currently, the actress is known to be appearing on the TV show called “Elementary”, where she is playing a role of Joan Watson. The show is based on Sherlock Holmes stories. For every episode of this show, Lucy Liu has been announced to receive 130 thousand dollars and such amount of money adds up to the overall amount of Lucy Liu net worth, as well.

Lucy Liu was born in New York, in the neighborhood of Queens. When she and her siblings were growing up, her parents worked a lot in order to support their family financially. Also, her parents were emigrants from Beijing and Shanghai and they met when both moved to New York. Lucy Liu is the youngest child in the family, she has one older brother and one odler sister.

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