Lupillo Rivera net worth

Lupillo Rivera net worth

Net Worth: $12.5 Million

About Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera net worth

Lupillo Rivera is a well known singer from Mexico. It has been claimed that the overall sum of the current Lupillo Rivera net worth reaches 12.5 million dollars. Thus, it also makes him one of the richest singers of Mexican origin. When he was just a kid his whole family moved to Long Beach, California, where he also attended high school.

Initially, Lupillo Rivera did not intend to be a singer at all. His first dream was to become a restaurant owner. His father was the one who was involved into music and he owned a recording studio called Cintas Acuario. When one singer did not come to a recording session, Lupillo Rivera’s father decided to invite his son to his recording studio. His job was to look for aspiring music talents in bars, who might be potential artists signed to his father’s label.

However, he himself began singing. His first stage name was known to be El Torito Lupillo Rivera and later he adopted another stage name, which was El Toro Del Corrido. His nickname was made out of his uncle’s nickname, who was a boxer and who used a nickname of El Toro Rivera. In 1999, Lupillo Rivera started performing while using his real name – Lupillo Rivera.

At that time, he was already signed to the label called Sony Discos. When he signed to this label, he started to become more and more recognized, which eventually resulted into the increase in the Lupillo Rivera net worth. In 2001, Lupillo Rivera received an award of a Premios lo Nuestra.

During his career as a singer, Lupillo Rivera has released a lot of recordings, such as the following: “El Senor de Los Cielos”, “Despreciado”, “Con Mis Propias Manos”, “Tiro de Gracia”, “En Acustica”, “Puros Corridos Macizos”, “Entre Copas y Botellas”, “Selena La Estrella”, “El Moreno”, “El Rey de Las Cantinas”, “De Bohemia con Lupillo Rivera”, “Mi Homenaje a Pedro Infante”, “24 Horas” and many more. These recordings also added up to the overall size of Lupillo Rivera net worth.

Thus, starting his singing career in 1992, he has come a long way to be one of the most well known local singers in Mexico. His brother, Pedro Rivera Jr is also known to be a singer. Thus, it is believed that the father of Rivera brothers had the biggest influence in his sons’ careers, since he was involved into music industry, too.

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