Lynda Weinman net worth

Lynda Weinman net worth

Net Worth: $320 Million

About Lynda Weinman

Lynda Weinman net worth

It has been stated that the current amount of Lynda Weinman net worth reaches 320 million dollars, which she has earned because of her career as a businesswoman. In addition, she is a writer and a computer instructor. Her name became well known when she and her husband Bruce Heavin created, which is an online software training website. However, in 2015, they sold the website for LinkedIn, which bought it for 1.5 billion dollars. The website, thus, has also increased the current estimate of Lynda Weinman net worth. What is more interesting is that Lynda Weinman taught herself everything about computers.
She was also working as a special effects animator in the cinema industry. Moreover, Lynda Weinman is a faculty member of various educational institutions, where she is teaching her students interactive design, computer graphics, animation and motion graphics. These institutions include UCLA, Art Center College of Design, San Francisco State University, and American Film Institute. Thus, this involvement has also increased the current size of Lynda Weinman net worth.
Born in 1955, Lynda Weinman was studying at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, from which she earned her degree in humanities.

One year after she graduated, Lynda Weinman started her business when she established two stores, called Vertigo on Sunset and Vertigo on Melrose. Both of these stores were closed in 1982. Then, she was hired to work at Dreamquest. Also, she was working as an independent contractor of animation and special effects. As such, Lynda Weinman has worked on quite a few movies, such as “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “RoboCop 2”.
Lynda Weinman got interested in computers when her boyfriend bought an Apple II. She learnt everything about it from its manual. In 1989, Lynda Weinman was hired to work at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where she was a teacher of digital media and motion graphics. She stayed in this position for seven years.
In 1995, Lynda Weinman released a book called “designing web graphics”. Since that time, she has published more books, including “designing web graphics.2”, “coloring web graphics”, “coloring web graphics.2”, “preparing web graphics”, “creative html design”, “Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0 Hands-On Training”, “Photoshop 6 / ImageReady 3 Hands-On Training”, “Adobe After Effects 6 Hands-On Training” and “After Effects 5.0/5.5 Hands-On Training”, to mention a few. The sales of her books, thus, have also increased the current sum of Lynda Weinman net worth.
In addition, she has written quite a few articles which have been published in magazines. Macworld has published “A Web graphics primer”, “Preparing Web graphics”, “Web; Better Web Graphics with Transparency” and “Tile your site: use tiles to create the layered look on your Web pages”. She has also written for, which in 2003 published her article called “Web Design Tips: Making Site Comps and Prototypes”. Therefore, being a writer has served as one of the main sources of increasing the total sum of Lynda Weinman net worth.

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