Lyor Cohen net worth

Lyor Cohen net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Lyor Cohen

Lyor Cohen net worth

Lyor Cohen is one of the most successful businessmen in the music industry. It has been reported that the current estimate of Lyor Cohen net worth is 75 million dollars. He is mostly known as a music executive from the United States. Till the beginning of autumn of 2012, Lyor Cohen was serving as the North American Chairman of Warner Music Group. Moreover, till the same time, he was also serving as the CEO of Recorded Music for the same company. Thus, both of these positions also increased the total size of Lyor Cohen net worth.

Lyor Cohen is mostly associated as a music executive of various hip hop labels. He has been involved into this for more than 30 years already. Thus, it is no surprise that such a long service has also increased the total amount of Lyor Cohen net worth by a mile. One of his first involvements was working with artists mainly of rapping music, who belonged to Rush Productions. Later, he began working in the Def Jam Records, which is regarded as one of the most successful and most profitable labels in the music industry.

After his work there, Lyor Cohen was the leading staff member of other labels, such as Warner Music Group and Island Def Jam Music Group.

His involvement into these labels has increased Lyor Cohen net worth by a mile. The former label, Warner Music Group, is known as a representative of musicians of various music genres, thus, before that Lyor Cohen was working only with hip hop music labels and hip hop artists, whereas his work in Warner Music Group expanded this spectrum.

Lyor Cohen has produced various artists with whom he also soon became friends. Such examples could be his associates Jay Z and Russell Simmons. Other people with whom he worked and became friends include Bon Jovi, Julie Greenwald and Kanye West.

In 2012, however, Lyor Cohen stopped working in the Warner Music Group. In 2013, Lyor Cohen established another record label, called 300 Entertainment, which is regarded as one of the most vital parts when it comes to accumulating his net worth.

Lyor Cohen was born in 1959 in New York. His parents were immigrants from Israeli. Lyor Cohen was raised in Los Angeles. In 1981, he graduated from the University of Miami, where Lyor Cohen was studying global marketing and finance. Before he became involved into music, for a short period of time he was working in Bank Leumi based in Beverly Hills.

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