Mac Miller net worth

Mac Miller net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Mac Miller

Mac Miller net worth

An American rapper known by the stage name Mac Miller began his career as Easy Mac. Before that, when he was just a kid, his parent used to call him Malcolm James McCormick. Mac Miller is a former member of the band The III Spoken. Malcolm started his solo career in 2010, after he signed a contract with Rostrum Records. Although his career is just starting, Mac Miller net worth is already estimated to be around $3 million.

Born in 1992, Mac Miller is still very young. He was raised in Pennsylvania, in a family of Karen Meyer and Mark McCormick. His father was a successful architect, while Karen specialized in photography. His parents practiced different religions but it was agreed that their son Malcolm will be raised according to his mothers will, in a Jewish radiation.

Since his childhood Mac Miller dreamed of becoming a singer and songwriter. A kid was extremely talented- he learned to play piano, drums, bass and guitar all by himself, without ever taking classes. A current Mac Miller net worth proves he was well paid for his talents and personal efforts.

As Mac Miller revealed in one of the interviews, a real change in his life came when he was around 15 years old. Although Malcolm always loved music, a kid had many other hobbies and used to spend a lot of time doing sports. When Malcolm turned 15 he realized his future lies with music alone and started to look at making hip- hop as it was a real job. After he made this realization, it wasn’t long before Mac Miller net worth began to grow at amazing rates.

Mac released his first mixtape But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy in 2007. Two years later, when Malcolm turned 17, two more mixtapes reached the daylight: The High Life and The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown. Being this young he has already become No. 1 in Mc competition in Rhyme Calisthenics, organized at Shadow Lounge.

In 2010 Malcolm reached maturation in his music and began to attract the interest of various recording companies. Miller chose to sign a contract with Rostrum Records if only for two reasons: convenient location of their recording studio and a long standing acquaintance with Benjy Grinberg, president of the company. Soon after this agreement Mac Miller got a real breakthrough in his career.

He went on his first tour “Incredibly Dope”, selling out the tickets in all the cities he was meant to have a performance. In fall 2011 his first album Blue Slide Park was released and hit the Billboard 200 at number one position. Such a success leaves no mystery around the genesis of Mac Miller net worth.

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Mac Miller net worth Mac Miller net worth

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