Maino net worth

Maino net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Maino

Maino net worth

Maino, real name Jermaine Coleman, is an American rapper. He gained prominence in the mid 2000s, after landing a contract with Universal Records and releasing the album If Tomorrow Comes. As for 2013 Jermaine is working with three labels: E1, Atlantis and Hustle hard. He is usually associated with such artists as Swizz Beatz, The Black Flag Mafias, Lil’ Kim, DJ Drama and T.I. Maino net worth is currently estimated at $4 million dollars.
The future millionaire was born in New York and grew up in one of the poorest parts of the city, Brooklyn. The career that eventually boosted Maino net worth started in the early 2000s, as the rapper founded an independent record label called Hustle Hard and began working in the studio. In 2005, following the release of several mixtapes, Jermaine was noticed by Universal Records and signed to the company. This cooperation ended after a couple of years, as Maino felt that the label was too busy promoting the other artists and did not pay enough attention to his professional needs.
The rate of Maino net worth growth increased in 2008, when he signed the contract with Atlantic Records and started working on his debut album.

It was less than a year before his first CD, entitled If Tomorrow Comes, reached the stores. It consisted of 19 tracks and featured a number of established recording artists, such as Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, B.G. and Trey Songz. Three of Maino’s songs were released separately as the singles and charted on Billboard: “Hi Hater”, “All the Above” and “Million Bucks”. Mostly due to the popularity of these tracks If Tomorrow Comes enjoyed a moderate commercial success. It hit Billboard 200 at No. 25 and distributed around 18 thousand units during the week after release.
Maino’s second and so far the latest album, The Day After Tomorrow, was released in 2012, a couple of months later than it was originaly planed. Although it received rather positive critical reviews, this time the audience showed little interest in Maino’s rhymes. Even the album’s lead single, “Let It Fly” (ft. Roscoe Dash), failed to catch the wider audience. The Day After Tomorrow peaked at No. 94 on Billboard 200, selling some 6000 copies during the week after release. A month after this album reached the stores its sales barely climbed over the limit of 10 000 units. Needless to say, its contribution to Maino net worth growth was marginal. His fading stardom is not the only problem Jermaine is currently facing. The rapper has repeatedly mentioned that he has some serious legal issues. According to some sources, at some point in the past he was charged with kidnapping and robbing a drug dealer.

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maino net worth

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