Mandy Moore net worth

Mandy Moore net worth

Net Worth: $23 Million

About Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore net worth

Mandy Moore is one of the most well known names in show business. It has also been stated that the overall sum of Mandy Moore net worth reaches 23 million dollars. She is mostly known as a musician as well as an actress. However, she is also a fashion designer, which is another important source of accumulating Mandy Moore net worth.

In 1999, Mandy Moore started to get more and more attention and recognition, when her debut single was released called “Candy”. This single landed in the 41st place of the Billboard Hot 100 list. Soon, she released her debut album which was titled “So Real”. The album also proved to be a success, with RIAA certifying this album as Platinum. The sales of this album also increased the total amount of Mandy Moore net worth.

Also, not after a long amount of time, Mandy Moore released two more singles, called “So Real” and “Walk Me Home”. However, these two sources did not receive so much attention as did her first one.

In 2000, Mandy Moore released one more single, which was called “I Wanna Be with U”, which received more success. Also, it landed in the Top 40 in the United States and it made it to be the first single of Mandy Moore to get a place into Top 40.

Her another album was also released in 2000 and it was titled as the single. Moreover, RIAA certified this album gold.

Initially, Mandy Moore was known as a queen of pop, however, when she released her album called “Mandy Moore” and it was obvious that the singer was going to another direction, because the sound of the album was completely different. The sales of this album also increased the overall estimate of Mandy Moore net worth. From this album, a single called “In My Pocket” was released, which was also a huge hit in Australia. The album “Mandy Moore” was also certified as gold by RIAA.

Her fourth album was released in 2003, which was titled “Coverage”. The album was special in a way that it mainly included songs from the 1970s. Also, after the release of her fourth album, Mandy Moore decided to leave her label and, as a result, two more albums were released, called “Candy” and “The Best of Mandy Moore”. Up to this day, 100 thousand copies were sold of these two albums, therefore, the sales also added up to her net worth.

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