Marc Anthony net worth

Marc Anthony net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony net worth

Marc Anthony is one of the most well known names of Hispanic origin in the entertainment industry. It has been known that he is also one of the most successful ones, when considering the fact that the current amount of Marc Anthony net worth reaches 40 million dollars. Born in New York, Marc Anthony is mostly credited for his involvement in the salsa music. He is known as a musician of this genre, who also composes his own songs. In addition to his activities in the music industry, Marc Anthony is also an actor and producer, which is also an important source of Marc Anthony net worth.

Marc Anthony is considered as the best salsa musician in the world of all time. Also, because of his involvement in it, Marc Anthony has received many prestigious awards, such as three Latin Grammy awards as well as two Grammy Awards. Therefore, his involvement in the music business has been evaluated and awarded. More than 30 million copies of his albums have been sold on an international level.

Also, Marc Anthony has been known for his personal relationships, as well. One of the most popular of them was with a singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, with whom he was married for seven years.

The couple has adorable twins together. Quite recently, Jennifer Lopez has announced that she and Marc Anthony are divorcing. Before Marc Anthony got married to Jennifer Lopez, it has been speculated that the estimate of Marc Anthony net worth was 8-10 million dollars. Thus, these sources believe that the actual source of his popularity as well as financial success was his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Also, before the main sources of his net worth used to be the sales of his albums and singles, touring and concerts.

However, Marc Anthony net worth is going to decrease to a certain amount because in filing the divorce some part of his net worth is expected to go to the net worth of Jennifer Lopez. However, many people believe that the real estimate will be concentrated on their real estates. Marc Anthony has a house in New York and it is on his name, whereas Jennifer Lopez was a house in Long Island, where her name is written, as well. The only one real estate which is shared between the two is their house in California, which is worth 10 million dollars.

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