Mariah Carey plastic surgery

Mariah Carey plastic surgery

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Mariah Carey plastic surgery

Hollywood actresses aren’t the only ones who get all kinds of rumors about their plastic surgery – nowadays these kinds of rumors are following all famous and beautiful women. Rumors about possible Mariah Carey plastic surgery started when people have noticed that she continues to look youthful even though she is already in her 40s. Everyone knows that Mariah Carey is an extremely successful pop singer with an amazing voice which conquered the hearts of many fans worldwide.

Through all her career, Mariah Carey was known not only for her amazing voice but also for her beautiful looks. If we compare photos from her youth with the more recent ones, we can see that there haven’t been any very drastic changes on her appearance. The reason why people started suspecting plastic surgery is because she somehow managed to look the same and don’t show any signs of aging even when she is already in her 40s. The list of possible Mariah Carey plastic surgery includes tummy tuck, Botox injections and breast augmentation. Some people believe that she couldn’t have naturally lost all that weight which she has gained during her pregnancy.

However, Mariah Carey hasn’t confirmed nor denied these rumors, so for now they are only speculations and nothing more. When we look at the photo comparisons, we can see that the changes on singer’s face and body were very subtle which means they could have happened naturally. It is possible that after giving birth she has naturally lost her weight with exercising and healthy diet and not with a tummy tuck plastic surgery like many people think. As for the changes on her face, they are almost unnoticeable. Her face appears a little bit fuller and there aren’t any visible wrinkles, but this not necessary means that she has gotten a plastic surgery.

All in all, we don’t have enough evidence to know for sure if the rumors about Mariah Carey plastic surgery are true or not. One thing is certain – she isn’t one of the surgery gone wrong examples like, for example Jocelyn Wildenstein or Joan Van Ark who have ruined their appearances with their unhealthy addiction to plastic surgery. Even if Mariah Carey did have a little plastic surgery, for example Botox injections, it hasn’t ruined her appearance and she still looks stunningly beautiful and naturally youthful. We can only hope that she will not become addicted to plastic surgery, because that would disappoint many of her fans all over the world.

Did Mariah Carey Undergone Plastic Surgery

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