Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

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Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery

Nowadays we are used to hearing all kinds of stories about celebrity plastic surgery, but not all know that even in the 50s people were able to get their face surgically altered. The question about the possibility of Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery has been asked many times for decades. Even nowadays people are wondering if the famous Hollywood icon had gone under the knife to achieve her beautiful appearance. During her career she has appeared in 29 movies and for some people she has become an example of a perfect woman.

While the famous actress was still alive, people wondering about her possible plastic surgery, but after her death it has been confirmed that there were at least two Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery procedures done. It is now known as a 100 percent true fact, because Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgeon has showed the chart of her surgeries and has confirmed these rumors to be true. The first procedure that Marilyn Monroe has gotten in 1958 was a chin implant which has changed the shape of her face a little. If we look at the photos which were taken before late 50s and the ones which were taken after in 60s or later, we can see the difference.

The second Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery that she has gotten soon after the first one was rhinoplasty procedure. The changes in her nose shape can also be seen when comparing her photos. Her nose has been made to look thinner and more subtle while previously it was much broader. Both of these surgeries have made actress look even more attractive. It is known that the suggestion to get plastic surgery was made by actress’s manager in order to make her an even more successful model and actress. Having in mind that in the 50s plastic surgery wasn’t very professional and was a relatively new thing, Marilyn Monroe has faced an extremely big risk when she had agreed to go under the surgeons knife. Even with nowadays technology, there is a risk that something might go wrong and there are many examples of plastic surgery gone wrong.

All in all, there is no doubt that there has been at least two Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery procedures that she has gotten in order to make her look even more perfect. Both of the procedures went extremely well and people didn’t even know if she has really had a plastic surgery until it was revealed after her death.

Did Marilyn Monroe Undergone Plastic Surgery

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