Mario Balotelli net worth

Mario Balotelli net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli net worth

Mario Balotelli is a well known football player of Italian origin. Football is also the career which has added huge sums of money to Mario Balotelli net worth, which currently has been stated to reach 25 million dollars. When he was only 22 years old, Mario Balotelli signed a contract deal with Manchester City. The contract was claimed to be worth 36 million dollars, thus, it also increased the total sum of Mario Balotelli net worth.

Mario Balotelli was born in 1990 in Palermo, Italy, where he was raised by foster parents. Because of poor conditions in which he was living with his real family, it was concluded that it would be best for Mario Balotelli to be raised by some else, thus, he got his foster parents, who took care of him. One of the most interesting and quite shocking facts is that his biological family never tried to get to know their son. Also, Mario Balotelli was never formally adopted by his foster family. However, when he became a world known football player, Mario Balotelli’s real family started to show interest into their son, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Although Mario Balotelli has proven himself to be very successful in all the teams, in which he has been playing, he has been also known for some behavior issues as well as his weak dedication to practicing.

Currently, Mario Balotelli is known to be a football player for the football club Milan of Serie A and this is regarded as one of the main sources of Mario Balotelli net worth today. In addition, he is also known as a player for the National Italian team, with whom he has also competed in the championships and showed his football skills successfully.

As a professional football player, Mario Balotelli started his career in a football team of Lumezzane. Some years later, he wanted to become a part of FC Barcelona, however, he was not admitted to join it. Thus, in 2007, Mario Balotelli was accepted to the Inter Milan football team in Italy. This team also started to bring first bigger sums of money to Mario Balotelli net worth. However, he has also had some behavioral skills in this team, too, and was suspended from it for quite a lot of time. However, when he appeared on one Italian TV show wearing an A. C. Milan jersey, it sparked a lot of controversy and a lot of people believed that his days in playing in Inter were already counted.

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