Mark Burnett net worth

Mark Burnett net worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

About Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett net worth

Mark Burnett is one of the most well known names in cinema industry. He is one of the most popular and successful British producers. It has been reported that the current estimate of Mark Burnett net worth reaches 400 million dollars, which also makes him one of the multimillionaires in the business. In addition, Mark Burnett is credited for his contribution in making reality TV shows popular in America.

Mark Burnett was born in London, England, in 1960. He was born to a family, where his parents worked in a factory and he was very humble while growing up due to the fact that he did not have many opportunities to show his true self. Nevertheless, although he was raised in a family which could not boost of having a lot of luxury things, his childhood was filled with love. He was the only child in the family and his parents supported him in every venture he wanted to take.

When he was 17 years old, Mark Burnett signed for a membership in The British Army. In 1982, he left the army with being a decorated soldier. Mark Burnett stated that serving in The British Army was very adventurous to him.

After he left the army, he was not sure what he would do next. However, he soon decided to become a dangerous job military advisor in Central America. Thus, before he became a popular producer, which has added millions of dollars to Mark Burnett net worth, he was actively involved into military.

In addition, before he got involved into cinema industry, Mark Burnett also applied for a job as a babysitter. He got this job because the family he applied to work into was very impressed with his ironing and cleaning abilities. In fact, he got these skills when he was serving in the Army. During 7 years when he worked as a babysitter, he worked in two different families.

Knowing the fact that Mark Burnett was also involved into adventures, it is worth mentioning that he was one of the participants of Raid Gauloises. It is a French adventure competition which is organized once a year and in which the participants race in an exotic environment. Also, his team was the first one American team, which has ever competed in Raid Gauloises. Thus, before he got involved into an activity which has brought much financial success to Mark Burnett net worth – cinema industry, he was involved into many other diverse activities.

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mark burnett net worth mark burnett net worth mark burnett net worth

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