Mark Cuban net worth

Mark Cuban net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

About Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban net worth

One of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the United States is known to be Mark Cuban. He is also one of the billionaires, which could be seen from the estimate of Mark Cuban net worth, which reaches 2.5 billion dollars. In addition to being one of the billionaires in the world, Mark Cuban is also owner of the Dallas Mavericks team, Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures. Moreover, Mark Cuban is the chairman of various companies, such as HDTV Cable Network and HDNet. These are one of the main sources of Mark Cuban net worth.

As much as he earns, he likes to spend most of his money not on buying luxurious merchandise and products, but rather to donate and give his money to various charities and organizations, thus he is also known as one of the most giving philanthropists. He is mostly related to the organization which helps fallen soldiers, which is called “Fallen Patriot Plan”.

Mark Cuban was born in Pennsylvania in 1954. His first involvement into entrepreneurial activities started when he established a company of resold software which was called “Micro Solutions”. This venture of Mark Cuban proved to be successful.

The company started to grow rapidly till it was finally bought by CompuServe for 6 million dollars in 1995. Out of this money, Mark Cuban received 2 million dollars after the taxes were deducted.

In the same year when “Micro Solutions” was bought Mark Cuban began another company called “Audionet”. The company was based on webcasting and college basketball. Later, the name was changed to This company was also bought by another, bigger one. This time it was Yahoo, which bought “Audionet” for 5.7 billion dollars in 1999. Thus, both “Micro Solutions” and “Audionet” added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Mark Cuban net worth.

Mark Cuban is also credited with foreseeing the fact that the dotcom bubble would eventually explode. As soon as he realized that, Mark Cuban sold all of his Yahoo shares. Because of it, Mark Cuban received 2.3 billion dollars, which was a huge success to him and increased the total amount of Mark Cuban net worth. When the bubble burst as mark Cuban foresaw it, Yahoo stock price plummeted a lot, from 100 to 70, 50 and 30. In the autumn of 2001, Yahoo’s price per share was lowered to 8.11 dollars. Having a huge fortune, Mark Cuban could by himself a lot of nice things, such as the NBA team, cable network and a private jet.

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