Mark Dacascos net worth

Mark Dacascos net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Mark Dacascos net worth is as much as 2 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. Mark Dacascos is mostly known as an actor, but he is also a mixed martial artist. When he was 7 years old, Mark Dacascos started to compete in karate championships, winning many of them. Until he became 18 years old, he won many major kung fu championships.
In 1997, he got one of his most remembered roles, that being as Toby Wong in the film called “Drive”. In 2003, he got another big role in the movie called “Cradle 2 the Grave”, where he appeared as Ling. These films have also added up to the total size of Mark Dacascos net worth. In 2005, the actor began to appear on the Food Network production called “Iron Chef America”, where he was chosen to be the Chairman. This role was played before by Takeshi Kaga in the original Japanese version of this show called “Iron Chef”.
Mark Dacascos was chosen for a recurring part of Wo Fat in the CBS series called “Hawaii Five-0”. He was also appearing in the web series called “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” as Kung Lao.

Also, Mark Dacascos played the role of Eric Draven in the production called “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”. Another production, which made him popular, is called “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight”, where he appeared as Eubulon. The actor has appeared in a French production titled “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, where he was chosen for the part of Mani. Mark Dacascos was chosen for the leading part in the movie called “Crying Freeman”. Thus, all of these appearances made his name well known and also added up to the total amount of Mark Dacascos net worth. In addition to his many film and TV appearances, the actor competed in the popular dancing competition called “Dancing with the Stars”.
He was born in 1964 in California. He was a student at Los Angeles Valley College, where he was a competitive gymnast and belonged to its 1983-1984 Gymnastics Team. He continued his studies at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Before he became an actor, Mark Dacascos was a mixed martial artist. Mark Dacascos is married to actress Julie Condra, with whom he appeared in the film called “Crying Freeman”. With her, he is a parent of three kids.
In fact, when he started his acting career, he played roles which required knowledge of mixed martial arts. In 1993, he got his breakthrough when he got a role in the film called “Only the Strong”. In the movie, he played the character named Louis. In the next year, he appeared in another film called “Double Dragon”, based on the video game of the same name. Currently, he is mostly known for his role of the Chairman in two shows – “Iron Chef America” and “Iron Chef Australia”. All of these TV productions and films have added up a lot to the current estimate of Mark Dacascos net worth.

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Mark Dacascos Mark Dacascos Mark Dacascos

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