Mark Mcgrath net worth

Mark Mcgrath net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Mark Mcgrath

Mark Mcgrath net worth

It has been announced that the overall sum of Mark McGrath net worth reaches as much as 6 million dollars, which he has accumulated through his career in show business. Mark McGrath is probably mostly known as a member of the band called “Sugar Ray”, which has also served as one of the main sources of Mark McGrath net worth.

In addition to this, he is also known from TV screens, where he is one of the hosts of the TV show called “Extra”. In 2010, he was hosting another show, as well, called “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Currently, he is known as a host of another TV show, that being “Killer Karaoke”. Thus, his career on TV has also increased the total amount of Mark McGrath net worth.

In 1988 Mark McGrath started his involvement into music. At this time, he was studying at the University of Southern California and belonged to a band made of his high school friends. The initial title of the band was “Shrinky Dinx” and only later it was changed to “Sugar Ray”. In 1994, the band got an opportunity to get signed to Atlantic Records. The label promoted the band quite successfully and it became well known not only in the United States, but also elsewhere in the world.

In 1997 the band became more successful when it released a single called “Fly”. Mark McGrath as a solo artist also became popular soon after he joined the band. His pictures were printed on the covers of popular magazines, such as Spin and Rolling Stone. In addition to that, he was a regular guest on channels such as VH1 and MTV. In 1998 Mark McGrath was titled as the Sexiest Rocker by People magazine.

In addition to his work with his band, Mark McGrath has also collaborated with other bands, such as “Angel’s Son”, with which he even appeared on the TV show called “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. Thus, collaborations with other artists have also added up to the total sum of Mark McGrath net worth.

Talking more about his involvement into the band “Sugar Ray”, more than 10 million copies of the band’s records have been sold. Two albums even landed in the Top 10. In addition to that, the band has had 2 singles which landed in the top of the charts. Four singles of the band landed in the Top 10 of the charts.

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