Mark Mcgwire net worth

Mark Mcgwire net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Mark Mcgwire

Mark Mcgwire net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Mark McGwire net worth reaches as high as 60 million dollars, according to the most recent calculations. He has earned such a high net worth because of his career in sports. Today, he is mostly known for his work as a coach for the team of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This involvement is also regarded as one of the main current sources not only of his fame, but also of Mark McGwire net worth. However, back in the day he was also a well known football player, which made his name popular in sports. He has been selected as an All-Star 12 times. In 1999 his name was included in the list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players which was compiled by the Sporting News.

Mark McGwire was studying at the University of Southern California, where he was already a huge sports star. In 1984, he participated in the Major League Baseball Draft, where he was chosen as the 10th overall pick by the Oakland Athletics. This was the first team in which he played professionally, as well. He stayed in this team till 1987 and during this time Mark McGwire net worth increased by a mile.

In 1997 he joined another team called St. Louis Cardinals. He stayed in this team till 2001 and when playing there Mark McGwire net worth became bigger, too.

In the period of 2010-2012 Mark McGwire took on another role in the latter team, as he became the team’s coach. In 2012, Mark McGwire was offered a position of a hitting coach in St. Louis Cardinals team, however, he decided not to take it. It was due to the fact that at the same time he was offered the same position by the Los Angeles Dodgers team and decided to take this one because he wanted to be closer to his wife and children. Therefore, it implies that family for him is in the first place and his involvement into sports comes second.

Giving some background information about the player, Mark McGwire was born in Pomona, California in 1963. Mark McGwire has been married two times. The first time he married, the marriage was not successful. Today, he is married to Stephanie Slemer. Mark McGwire is known as a father of six kids, too – Monet, Monroe, Matthew, Marlo, Mason and Max. Therefore, he is a family man today, too.

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mark mcgwire net worth mark mcgwire net worth mark mcgwire net worth

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