Mark Mothersbaugh net worth

Mark Mothersbaugh net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh net worth

It has been calculated that the total sum of Mark Mothersbaugh net worth reaches as high as 5 million dollars, as of right now. He has accumulated such a high wealth because of his various involvements, such as being a singer, songwriter, instrument player, record producer, composer and visual artist. He has been involved in music for more than 40 years and during such a long time, a huge part of the overall amount of Mark Mothersbaugh net worth has been earned.
In the 1970s, his name became well known when he created the band called Devo. In addition to being the leader of the group, he also played keyboards. In 1980, the band released a single called “Whip It”, which landed in the Top 20 in charts. In addition, he composed many songs of the band. Mark Mothersbaugh is also one of the original members of the band, next to Gerald Casale, who also stayed with the group through its all existence years. The band, thus, has also added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Mark Mothersbaugh net worth.
Mark Mothersbaugh has his own production company called Mutato Muzika, using which he has worked on soundtracks for various films, TV series and video games.

Mark Mothersbaugh worked on the entire run of the animated series called “Rugrats”, which lasted for 13 years. In addition, Mark Mothersbaugh is a solo act and this career has also increased the total size of Mark Mothersbaugh net worth. He has released four studio albums, called “Muzik for Insomniaks”, “Joyeux Mutato”, “Muzik for the Gallery” and “The Most Powerful Healing Muzik in the Entire World”.
In 2004, because of his contribution to music in films and TV series, he was awarded the Richard Kirk award at the BMI Film and TV Awards. Four years later, he received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Kent State University.
Mark Mothersbaugh is also a visual artist. He has released “Beautiful Mutants” photograph series, art rugs, postcards, musical instruments and some others. Therefore, his involvement in art has made his name more popular and also added up to the total amount of Mark Mothersbaugh net worth.
Furthermore, Mark Mothersbaugh has been married two times and he is also a father of two adopted kids. He was born in 1950 in Akron, Ohio. He was raised in a quite big family as he has two brothers and two sisters. He was studying art at Kent State University. There, he made friend with Bob Lewis and Gerald Casale, with who he later founded Devo. When the group started to release singles which failed, Mark Mothersbaugh focused on his work on TV series. For example, he started to compose music for “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”.
In 1988, Mark Mothersbaugh released a CD called “Musik for Insomniaks”. When Devo signed a contract with Enigma Records, the group released two albums called “Total Devo’ and “Smooth Noodle Maps”. Talking more about him as a writer of music scores for films and TV, he has worked on such productions as “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “Bottle Rocket” and “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”.

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