Mark Owen net worth

Mark Owen net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Mark Owen

Mark Owen net worth

It has been reported that the overall sum of Mark Owen net worth is as high as 25 million dollars, as of right now. Mark Owen is a well known singer, as well as a song writer. Mark Owen was born in 1972 in England and his full birth name is Mark Anthony Patrick Owen. Mark Owen became mostly known as a member of the British band called Take That. In addition to his career as a band member, Mark Owen is also known as a solo act. As such, more than 500 thousand copies of his records have been sold. In contract, Take That has sold more than 45 million albums. Therefore, both of these involvements have added up a lot to the total size of Mark Owen net worth.
Giving some background information about the singer, he was raised with two siblings, a sister and a brother. His father was working as a decorator and later was hired as a police officer. His mother was working in a bakery. Before he got interested into music, Mark Owen was interested into sports and dreamt of becoming a professional football player. Also, he appeared in some school plays but at that time music or acting was not his hobby as he focused mostly on playing football.

For a short period of time, he was playing for Chadderton. He appeared in trials to play for Manchester United. Mark Owen, unfortunately, damaged his groin and this prevented him from seeking a career in professional sports.
In 1989 he turned to music when he joined Take That. The group became one of the most successful British groups and it also played a huge role in increasing the total sum of Mark Owen net worth. The band was signed to RCA Records. Their first number 1 song was called “Pray”. Before they scored the number 1 single, the band released some other songs, such as “It Only Takes a Minute”, “A Million Love Songs” and “Could It be Magic”. In 1992, Take That released a debut album called “Take That & Party”. The album landed in the second place on the UK Album Chart.
In 1993, a second album of the group was released called “Everything Changes”. This album proved to be a bigger success as it landed in the 1st place on the mentioned chart. Four singles from the second album were released, which all placed in the 1st position in charts. Moreover, two singles from the album went to second and third places, called “Why Can’t I Wake Up with You” and “Love Ain’t Here Anymore”, respectively. Therefore, the sales of the albums have also increased the overall size of Mark Owen net worth.
In 1993 a single of the band called “Babe” was released, where Mark Owen appeared as a leading singer. The last studio album of the group released in the 90s was called “Nobody Else”. It landed in the 1st place, as well. Three singles were released from this album, which all went to number 1. One of them was probably the most well known hit of the group called “Back for Good”.

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mark owen net worth mark owen net worth mark owen net worth

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