Mark Parker net worth

Mark Parker net worth

Net Worth: $250 Million

About Mark Parker

Mark Parker net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of Mark Parker net worth is as high as 250 million dollars, as of right now. It is also known that his annual earnings are also quite high, as they reach 1.5 million dollars. He has become famous and earned such a fortune because of his involvement into business. Today, he is mostly known for his job as the Chief Executive Officer of Nike, Inc. Thus, this job has also added up a lot to the overall amount of Mark Parker net worth.
Mark Parker was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1977 he became a graduate of Penn State University. When he was studying there, he was also interested into sports and belonged to the school’s track team.
In 1979, he got a job as a footwear designer for Nike, and he accepted to work at Exeter, New Hampshire as such. In 1987 he got promoted to be the Division Vice President in charge of development. Two years later, Mark Parker became the Corporate Vice President of the company. In 1993 Mark Parker was chosen to be the General Manager and five years later he was promoted to become the Vice President of Global Footwear.

Thus, holding so many positions has made his name more known and also increased the total size of Mark Parker net worth.
In 2001, Mark Parker became a co-president, a position he shared with Charlie Denson. In 2006, Mark Parker was appointed to be the CEO of Nike which made him the third person in the company to hold this position. Being the CEO of Nike has also added up to the overall size of Mark Parker net worth. In addition to holding this position, Mark Parker is still active in designing footwear. Mark Parker is also the one who has to make sure that Nike is environmentally conscious.
Mark Parker, as it has been stated, earns also quite a lot for this job. In 2013, he earned nearly 15 million dollars, base salary of which consisted of 1.5 million dollars. Restricted stock awards reached 3.5 million dollars, whereas option awards reached 4 million dollars. A non-equity incentive plan compensation reached more than 5.5 million dollars. Mark Parker is the owner of 3 million Nike shares, which are equal to 228 million dollars. In addition to his work Mark Parker is also interested into modern and underground contemporary art.

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