Mark Wahlberg net worth

Mark Wahlberg net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg net worth

Mark Wahlberg is known as one of the most successful actors of today. It has been stated that Mark Wahlberg net worth reaches 200 million dollars, which also makes him one of the millionaires in the industry. In addition to being an actor, he is also known as a producer, model and a former rapper.

In his early years, Mark Wahlberg was called Marky Mark. In 1991, he was known as a member of the band “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”. Later, he became involved not only in singing industry, but also in acting, which brought most of the money to Mark Wahlberg net worth. He is mostly known as an actor, who has appeared in films such as “Planet of Apes”, “Three Kings”, “I Heart Huckabees”, “The Happening”, “Pain and Gain” and many others. He is also known as an executive of various TV shows, such as “How to Make It in America” and “Entourage”.

In his young years, Mark Wahlberg had a lot of troubles with police. When he was only 13 years old, he became addicted to cocaine and other drug substances. When he was fifteen years old, he expressed his racial thoughts quite obviously when on a school trip he threw rocks at a group of colored students and screamed insulting racial comments.

When he was sixteen years old, he hit with a stick a Vietnamese guy, who fell on the ground unconscious. Also, he attacked another Vietnamese guy which resulted into the latter one becoming blind. Because of all these crimes, he had to stay in prison and do community services.

However, after he was sent to prison for another assault, Mark Wahlberg decided to change his bad behavior. Thus, he turned to entertainment industry and became a singer and an actor, which added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Mark Wahlberg net worth.

Talking about him as a model, he has been a face of various well known companies, such as Calvin Klein. He also appeared in a music video “Good Vibrations”. Also, in some ads and TV commercials Mark Wahlberg appeared with another famous model Kate Moss. Mark Wahlberg has also appeared in his underwear for the shot of the “Vanity Fair”. Thus, modeling also added a lot of revenues to Mark Wahlberg net worth. In 2012, Mark Wahlberg also became involved into business with launching his line of nutrition supplements called “Marked”.

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