Mark Webber net worth

Mark Webber net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About Mark Webber

Mark Webber net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of Mark Webber net worth reaches 9 million dollars, according to the estimates of the year 2013. He has earned his net worth as well as international success due to his career in Formula 1. He was born in Australia, where he first started driving motorcars. However, in 1995, he moved to the United Kingdom, where he intended to improve his skills in driving and continue his career as a race car driver, which also added up to the total amount of Mark Webber net worth.

Eventually, Mark Webber teamed up with Paul Stoddart who at that time was known as an owner of the European Racing Formula 3000 team. Soon, he together with Mark Webber moved to Formula 1, where Paul Stoddart bought the team of Minardi. In 2002, Mark Webber debuted as a driver in Formula 1 and this career eventually started to add huge sums of money to the overall sum of Mark Webber net worth.

The first team in which he was racing was that of the previously mentioned Minardi. After the first season of his in Formula 1 ended, Mark Webber was employed by another team, Jaguar, where he became the leading driver of the team.

He proved to be the best driver in this team, as well, and as a result, Mark Webber net worth increased by a mile, as well.

The first time he won the Formula 1 race was when he was transferred to the Red Bull team, where he became the winner of the 2009 German Grand Prix. Subsequently, he ended up in the second position of the races in Turkish Grand Prix, British Grand Prix and Chinese Grand Prix, all in 2009. In the end of that year, Mark Webber was standing on the winner’s podium eight times, including his winning first place in 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix. It is quite surprising taking into consideration the fact that in the first seven years in his career Mark Webber was standing on the winning podium only two times, whereas during one season, in 2009, he won 8 winning podiums.

In the season of 2010, Mark Webber was standing on the winning podium ten more times and won races in Britain, Spain, Hungary and Monaco. Thus, his career as a racer in Formula 1 added much needed fame to him in this industry, and it also added up to his financial status.

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mark webber net worth mark webber net worth mark webber net worth

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