Marshal Mathers net worth

Marshal Mathers net worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

About Marshal Mathers

Marshal Mathers net worth

Marshal Bruce Mathers II, also known as Eminem or Slim Shady, is a prominent American rapper, songwriter, record producer and an occasional actor. In addition to his solo career this rapper performs as one part of the duo Bad Meets Evil and along with a hip hop band D12. Marshall gained prominence in the mid 1990s, following the release of his independent album Infinite and rose to the fame in 1999, after his first major-label album, entitled The Slim Shady LP, reached the stores. Since then this rapper has established his name as one of the greatest hip hop recording artists of all time. With some 40 million tracks and around 50 million albums sold, he is also regarded as one of the most commercially successful musicians in the world. As for 2013, Marshal Mathers net worth is estimated at $140 million.
Eminem was born in Missouri, in a family of Deborah R. Nelson and Marshal Bruce Mathers Jr. His ancestors came from Germany, Scotland, England, Switzerland and Poland. Deborah, who was only 15 years old at the time she got pregnant, almost died during his birth which took more than three days.

Her husband walked on her when their son was 1.5 years old and since then Eminem was raised by his teenager mom, who was constantly moving between the cities looking for better life. At the time their financial situation was so miserable, it was impossible to believe that one Marshal Mathers net worth will be counted in tens of millions.
Eminem’s interest in hip hop started developing when an eight-year-old was given a copy of Ice-T’s hit single “Reckless”. The man who introduced him to this genre was Ronald Polkinghorn, Marshal’s maternal uncle. By the time he turned 14 the future rap star was already performing as an amateur under the stage name “M&M”. Subsequently, Marshal joined the hip hop band “Basement Productions”. Together with this group he released a couple of EP’s (extended plays) and his first single, “Fuckin’ Backstabber”. In 1996 Marshal released his first solo album, entitled Infinite. Although it received few critical reviews, sold only one thousand copies and did not have much effect on Marshal Mathers net worth, it gained some recognition as a good debut effort.
His album The Slim Shady LP was the whole different story. Sooner or a bit later, nearly every one out of twenty tracks included in this album gained “The Hit” status. Among the most prominent of them were “Public Service Announcement”, “Guilty Conscience”, “If I Had”, “Role Model”, “As the World Turns”, “I’m Shady” and “Still Don’t Give a Fuck”. The Slim Shady LP remained on Billboard for 100 weeks and received multi-Platinum certifications in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Following this international breakthrough marshal Mathers net worth shot to the stars.

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